When was the last time you got together with all your girlfriends and had a night out or a Lowcountry getaway just the 4 of you? With everyone getting into their careers and families growing, female friendships often take a back seat with other priorities that we have. Having a good and quality friendship is extremely important throughout your life to help you improve your self worth and boost your happiness. Others have also said that having great friendships are perfect for helping reduce your stress ( aka work ) and is important to help support you when you are going through difficult situations in your life such as divorce or a chronic illness. 


Now, do you remember having those classic girl nights with your favorite girls? Those big nights of drinking, dancing and enjoying dinner laughing for hours? Although the night out at a loud bar makes it hard for having a heart to heart conversation ( although we all have them ) or a big bonding experience but mixing and matching these ideas to plan a day of adventure with your girlfriends or just a really great friend is key. What’s more fun than planning the perfect Lowcountry getaway that includes food, fashion, fitness and above all, quality friendship? 


  1. Make It Fun – Sometimes having fun with your girlfriends doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money. One of our favorite things to do is have a movie or TV marathon. Think Sex and the City or Gossip Girl to watch all of the fashion, relationships and more. Of course, we watch a few that we’ve already seen so we can all talk and relax together while watching. Sometimes having a few rental movies and snacks is not only affordable to do but requires little effort on your part too. You could even step it up a notch and make it a theme party with everyone dressed in pajamas or depending on how elaborate you are to make it exciting with decorations, festive drinks and food and grab them all at your local Party City for as little as $50! 
  2. Plan a Cooking or Bartending class– While it’s fun to go out for drinks and food why not learn how to actually make these dishes or drinks together? Learn to whip up a gorgeous cocktail from real bartenders or you could even ask how to make about a low calorie drink option as well. As far as cooking, there are several classes to choose from depending on what you and your friends love to do; Italian, Greek or Mexican! 
  3. Travel In Style– One way to get around from place to place and still being all together is renting a fun limo to take you to your dinner or your concert. If you live in the South Carolina area, you’ll want to get a hold of Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co. They offer various services such as limos and authentic cars to make it a more memorable time! When you book with Lowcountry, you have the option to actually choose your car that you want to use depending on the size of your party. You also have options to choose from limos or the vintage cars or even splinters if you have many girlfriends coming along. To reserve with them, you’ll want to call and speak with a representative. You won’t be disappointed because your girlfriends and you will have the best time. 
  4. Shop At Thrift Stores– Want an afternoon just shopping with your friends? Switch it up and look at a few thrift stores and consignment shop for amazing deals and steals on one of a kind items. Sometimes it’s even fun to pick out an outfit for your friends and have them try it on. Who says dressing up stops at age 30? It’s so much! 
  5. Try a Healthy Restaurant– Of course restaurants offer various foods for you to try but have you tried a vegetarian restaurant? What about a local farm to table that not only is a new experience but also makes you feel good about what you’re eating. Sometimes it’s exciting to try a local farmers market to check out new vendors with your girlfriends and then go home together to make something fun for lunch 
  6. Mani/ Pedis – The usual girls day is enjoying one with relaxation including getting a manicure and pedicure from a salon. From a simple polish change to a full out spa pedicure that you’ve been needing for a few months, the prices do vary but hey, it’s one fabulous girls day so why not go all out. 


There are several more fun things you can do with your girlfriends then what I listed before for the perfect Lowcountry getaway. Just remember to have an open mind and enjoy the time you have with your friends. It’s true that having these every few months is truly important to keeping long lasting friendships with quality women in your life. You deserve the time with those that keep you grounded.










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