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This past month took me on not one, but two trips to Wyoming. My second trip was with my family of grown or almost grown children. Taking a vacation with grown kids is somehow so different than those trips to Disney World when they were young, and somehow just the same.  Family vacations make you appreciate time with those you love and look forward to more of it.  With retirement coming up soon, I hope for more quality time with my family and more vacations to do and SEE all that this country has to offer us, which is why I was happy to partner with VSP Individual Vision Plans for this post!

Seeing the world is something I have always dreamed of! I’ve found that most who retire have more time to view amazing locations on remarkable vacations. I’m looking forward to this. BUT, what if you got there and could not quite see those mountains or that oil painting in the museum clearly due to poor eye sight and lack of eye care benefits to remedy the situation? Well, this trip to Wyoming made me think of that since I just purchased a new pair of glasses, prescription sunglasses, and new contacts. There is someone other than me that worries about our vision in retirement; it’s VSP Individual Vision Plans.

VSP Vision Care is the national leader in eye care benefits, and they offer affordable individual vision insurance options for people who don’t have employer-provided vision care, like retirees. VSP Individual Vision Plans start as low as $13 per month and include annual benefits – a comprehensive eye exam, prescription lenses with covered lens enhancements like progressives, a generous allowance for glasses and/or contacts, a wide selection of brand name frames and access to the largest network of independent doctors.

My family’s future adventures are important to me and I know yours are too! Your vision care does not have to retire when you do. My desire is that even when I am not working, I want what is working to remain the same. Don’t you? Don’t be confused when you retire – prepare now and find out what type of vision care you will have access to when you retire. Then, know that the solution is an individual vision plan from VSP. Take control now and ensure a seamless transition when you retire.

Life changes a lot in retirement, so the time to be prepared is now.  One of my biggest changes has been taking better care of my health. This also includes my eyesight. VSP Individual Vision Plans work with you so that you can get the coverage you want when you want it. VSP keeps it personal to you, which is so nice.

I’m so glad to know I can get great benefits at great prices for all of those retirement adventures!

For more information, go to or call 877-988-4746.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VSP Individual Vision Plans.