Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes in life it’s absolutely necessary to throw caution to the wind and try new places and new activities to keep the mind sharp – a change is as good as a rest, or so they say. However, sometimes in life it’s perfectly acceptable (if not mandatory!) to take the time to unwind and explore at a slower and more soulfully rewarding pace. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. A few places came to mind. But none more so than the natural beauty and timeless appeal of Niagara Falls.

Booking In

If you want to relax and recharge, I can tell you now that a hotel situated many miles away from the sights and sounds that you came to experience is no way to spend your money. Who needs public transport and taxi queues? Not the unwinding traveller. Niagara has built a reputation for fine hotels sporting modern rooms with stunning views of the Falls. If you were any closer you’d get wet. For top inspiration on this theme check out the rooms at Marriott on the Falls – I was particularly taken by the list of amenities expertly chosen to keep the blood pressure low and the wow-factor high.

Experience the Falls

Depending on your mood, there are several ways to experience the Niagara Falls in all their splendor. You could choose the ferry ride – a popular choice. You could choose to descend into the gorge and take a stroll over the boardwalk that stretches out across the river basin. There’s even a trip you can take that explores a route behind the Falls. Or, if you’re anything like me, you may wish to simply take advantage of your hotel balcony view and check out the enchanting light show that takes place each night as the sun goes down. Did someone say bathrobe and fine food and drink to hand? Count me in.

Botanical Gardens

OK so I’ve side stepped the major tourist routes and attractions. For good reason. Niagara Falls isn’t all about getting the spray in your hair. There’s plenty to do that cold help you to fill your next ‘dear diary’ entry with something a little less obvious – a horse and carriage ride around some of the most enchanting and expertly maintained gardens you’re ever likely to encounter. There’s even a guided photography tour that’s sure to fill your social media with hot new snaps, and there’s a night garden tour for anyone who enjoys spending their evenings with the animals that come out to say hello once the light level dips.

Something Extra…

No relaxing trip is complete without taking in dinner and show. There are numerous theatres in the area featuring all manner of world class performances. Looking at when I might be thinking about booking, I can see there are musicals and magic shows and even a colossal cinema that’s sure to be about as immersive as the big screen gets.

Whatever you decide to get up to on your trip to Niagara Falls, take a leaf out of my book and remember to relax and take the time to unwind – not many trips offer such beautiful scenery and such enriching activities.