While I have not been to Delhi, so many of my friends and family have traveled to this amazing city.  Some of them even took a luxury train through India!  I thought I might like to plan a future trip myself. My next steps was to do a bit of research.  If you know me there is never a little bit of research but more like falling down a rabbit hole in wonderland.  I took a look at some of my travel writer friends trips and came up with these top things to do in Delhi when I get there myself!

  1.  Okay so the first thing has to do with food – not that it has to be the first one that YOU do, but since I have been on a plant based (almost vegan) diet in 2018, this Delhi food caught my eye.  You must try Dilli-ka-Chaat, which is a street food that is kinda tangy.  These fried wafers are made with potatoes, chickpeas and yogurt.
  2. Next up will help you work off those tangy fried wafers.  If one is looking for things to do in Delhi, one must visit the Red Fort.  Exploring there will definitely burn a few calories and inspire your thoughts to back to when it was the last days of the British era and the Mughal empire there.
  3. A tomb is a must when there, so try Humayun’s Tomb.  This tomb in Delhi combines that Persian style with a bit of local flair.  It is surround by gardens that would be perfect for taking a stroll and again working off a few of those Dilli-ki-Chaats.
  4. Okay now time to find the perfect hotel – one that both takes inspiration from the area and inspires you too.  Head to the Imperial Hotel and just entering the doors makes one take a trip back in time.  The hallways have amazing chandeliers and local artwork through out.  Settle in for a good night’s sleep so you can explore more tomorrow.
  5. Last but not least is don’t forget to visit the local shopping areas.  So this is really my number one of all the things to do in Delhi. Markets are so colorful and full of items enticing one to barter a bit.  I always shop more when I travel than at home.  Any items brought on a trip holds memories.  Those items from the local mall will be forgotten, but not a great scarf or rug from a market in Delhi!