Self drive car hire in Uganda is undeniably the most inspirational and interesting way for one to have the most enjoyable safari. Most of these car rentals for a self drive adventure are designed in a way that you can easily explore numerous floral and fauna species and not to forget the most splendid scenery that make this country a true pearl of Africa.

A visit to Uganda will certainly amaze you with breathtaking experiences while you are behind the wheels to its remotest areas. This experience comes once you hire a 4×4 car for a self drive adventure from 4×4 Uganda, one of the leading 4×4 car rental agencies in Kampala. Additionally, you can rent a 4×4 car with a full camping gear if you are going for bush camping.

For any trip to be interesting and exciting, you have to be prepared such that you don’t be left with worries and at end encounter challenges most of which can easily be prevented. The worst thing that you shouldn’t do while on self drive adventure in Uganda is to be frustrated or worried as this can spoil all that you had planned for your vacation.

Below are some of the ways in which you can prepare for a self drive adventure in Uganda and beyond;

Take note of emergency contacts

It isn’t a bad idea for you to save emergency contacts on your telephone and where possible back them up by writing them on some piece of paper just in case the battery goes off. One of your emergency numbers should be from the car rental company that you intend to deal with, family member and anyone whom you feel will be in position to assist you just in case you become stranded or in case of any problem along the way.

The other alternative is for you to contact the police by dialing 999 (Uganda) for any serious matter. The other better option is for you to ensure that you maintain communication with your dear ones to remove any kind of worries and anxiety about what is on going with you while you are on your vacation. Interestingly, most rental cars come with recharging pots and there is no need for you to be worried of your battery dying off.

Don’t forget a first aid kit

Hiring a car for your vacation from credible car rental companies in Uganda guarantees you a first aid kit or box. In most cases, you can’t know whether you will have a smooth safari or not which is why it is recommended that you come along with first aid box along with you. Ensure that the first aid box is fully packed with bandages, band aids, pain killers and many more. A self drive tour in Uganda offers you opportunity to explore most of the country’s stunning national parks and you can also embark on mountaineering adventures that may come with minor accidents and injuries. Because of this, you will need a better first aid box as unattended cuts, wounds and bruises may cause infections while you are on road trip.

Book the car earlier

In order for you to prepare adequately, one of the things that you should do is hire your dream car in advance at least few days earlier and or months prior your actual safari. Hiring a vehicle in advance prior making your final decision offers you enough time to plan for the pocket friendly vehicle and at end, you will save some money. A side from the benefits of saving money, securing a vehicle in advance offers you adequate time to cross check it earlier enough prior using it and ensure that it is in a better state for a self drive adventure in Uganda.

And if you are to cross international boarder to Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania, you should inform the car rental agency about this in advance so that they prepare all the necessary documents cross borders.

Pack insect repellents

Whereas you can’t know what you expect while on vacation, insect repellent shouldn’t miss out in your packing list given the low altitudes and swampy areas. Most of the insects tend to be harmless but they can also be annoying. If you are planning to camp around the campfire, you won’t miss to encounter mosquitoes that will always be disturbing your peace all the time and that is why an insect repellent should be a must to include in your packing list to reduce any insect bites.

Travel lightly

Remember that most national parks or tourist sites in Uganda are found within the tropics and a strand Equator and hence expect tropical type of climate. You therefore need better clothes to put on while on self drive adventure and they should be light cotton shirts and shorts are equally better. For visitors who are planning to visit one of the national parks, you will need to pack appropriately, starting with cargo pants, closed shoes, sweaters, rain jackets and many others.

Have guide books, driver guide or GPS

In case you aren’t popular with most areas in Uganda, do not forget GPS device to assist you when it comes to finding directions. You may also have a map along with you to guide you through various routes to avoid getting lost. If you are planning to visit the national park or explore the remotest tourist sites, it is better that you hire both the car and driver guide who is familiar with the nature of the Uganda’s roads. There are park rangers who will take you through the park attractions, and give you all information about different animal and plant species in the park.