Just like the clothing you choose to wear reflects your personality, the same can be said about your jewelry. A diamond engagement ring is no exception to that rule. Although some may think that a diamond ring is simply that, a diamond ring, there are a number of different shapes for diamonds. There are 10 distinctive shapes of diamonds and each respective shape says something different about the person wearing it. If you are looking for a beautiful new engagement ring, it’s important to explore the different shapes so that you can decide which one is most appropriate for your significant other’s’ personality.

Round Diamond

Round diamonds are probably the most popular engagement rings. They are also the most classic shape and first became popular in the 1920s. The round diamond cut offers the most sparkle thanks to its 57 to 58 facets. There is a good chance that when you see someone wearing a diamond engagement ring in public, they are probably wearing one with a round cut. If your girlfriend is more of a traditionalist type of person, the round diamond is probably the best option.

Pear or Teardrop Diamond

The pear or teardrop shape diamond has a tapered point at one end and is round at the other end, shaped like a pear or teardrop. Generally, this shape can be considered traditional, but with a bit of a modern twist. It is said that individuals who wear this shape diamond are more independent, adventurous and fun types. The diamond has plenty of sparkle with its 58 facets. The elongated shape of the pear diamond makes the finger appear longer and is extremely flattering.

Marquise Diamond

The marquise diamond is very eye-catching with its oval shape that comes to points on either end. This particular diamond cut was originally commissioned by King Louis XIV. It is also one of the highest in carat weight, which means that if you opt for a marquise diamond ring, the stone will appear larger. It also makes the finger appear longer and provides plenty of sparkle. Those who choose the marquise cut are extremely goal-oriented.

Princess Diamond

The princess diamond is a beautiful choice that takes on a more modern type of design. It came about in the 1980s and is square in shape and has defined points in four corners. The person who chooses the princess cut diamond has a very strong personality and is on the trendy side. At the same time, the wearer also has a touch of a traditionalist in them.

Emerald Diamond

The emerald diamond has a gorgeous cut that is rectangular in shape with fewer facets than other stone cuts. The cut is very regal in appearance and is reminiscent of Art Deco. Individuals who choose this particular diamond are glamorous and tend to have a great sense of self. They also don’t feel the need for approval for their life choices.

Radiant Diamond

Radiant diamonds are generally rare because they are not as frequently used in engagement rings. It is rectangular or squarish in shape and has cropped corners. At the same time, the facets are similar to those of round and princess diamonds. This cut is very modern and includes amazing sparkle, making it stand out beautifully. The wearer of this shape has lots of energy and isn’t afraid to take chances in life.

Asscher Diamond

Similar to the emerald cut, the Asscher diamond has a square cut with an X in its center and became popular in the 1920s. The popular TV show Sex and the City popularized the cut in the early 2000s as well. Those who choose this cut have more of a vintage personality and are quite elegant.

Heart Diamond

The heart-shaped diamond has a cut that is literally in the shape of a heart. They are more challenging for jewelers to create but are preferred by individuals who are hopeless romantics and true sentimentalists. The heart diamond boasts 59 facets and gives off plenty of sparkle.


Cushion Diamond

The cushion diamond also has a square shape, but it includes rounded corners as well. It has more of a pillow appearance, as though it is cushioned within the ring. It has a vintage look with many facets that give off tons of sparkle and are appropriate for wearers who are both traditional and contemporary at the same time.


Oval Diamond

Oval diamonds are most beautiful when they are used as solitaires. They are best when worn on those with petite hands and short fingers because they give off the illusion that the fingers are longer. These diamonds were developed in the 1960s and have a beautiful, classic look. Those who wear this cut tend to be somewhat traditional and dependable, but they enjoy thinking outside the box on occasion.

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important things you can ever do in life. The diamond cut that best reflects your personality but also appeals the most to your personal taste is the one you should choose because it will make you the happiest.

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