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For those looking for a taste of British history, you need not look any further than the city of York. The historic architecture in this historic city has witnessed considerable conflict but with this comes fascinating (albeit sometimes creepy) stories that will be told forever. York today is a buzzing student city with fantastic pubs and restaurants.

Although founded by the Romans as far back as 71AD, the city today still breathes this historic era – with incredibly well-preserved city walls that stretch around 2 miles long. No trip to York would be complete without a stroll along them, nor can you literally miss the absolutely huge Gothic Minster that was built over 250 years between 1220 and 1472.

With all this history, naturally, York has both good and bad stories to tell. Research done by the Ghost Research Foundation International discovered that York is the most haunted city in the world, with a total of 504 hauntings recorded. Those who enjoy paranormal activity and spooky stories would be wise to go on a night time ghost tour. For a modest £5, you are taken on a trip down memory lane to some of the most haunted locations that the city has to offer. If you need a drink to calm your nerves, visit the Golden Fleece, a pub that claims to be the most haunted in the country.


In the theme of drinking, York has pubs and bars in abundance – some of them dating back as far as 1644! It is extremely tempting to kick back and relax and spend a day at some of these wonderful establishments. No holiday is complete without a few drinks to unwind and, in York, you really are spoilt for choice. Rather famously, at one point, it was discovered that York had 365 pubs, one for every day of the year. This is ever-growing, and it is hard to turn a corner without spotting a pub or a bar.

Of course, pubs are not for everyone. Those who prefer a more refined experience can instead enjoy afternoon tea at one of York’s many tea rooms. The obvious choice would be Bettys, an elegant tea room that dates back to 1936. Be warned though, there are queues but the wait is well rewarded.

For those who like to dress up, another option would be to spend the day at the York races, one of the most famous venues for horse racing in the UK. Be sure to make your day that bit more exhilarating by checking the latest offers out on sites like The Winners Enclosure; by looking at their NAP of the day (tipster’s best bet for the day’s racing), you can be confident both in any bets and your attire!

(Photo Source: Pixabay)

Besides all of the above, York has so much more to offer. For a bit more history, take a trip to Clifford’s Tower, the remains of York Castle built by William the Conqueror. This iconic building has served as a prison throughout the years and has witnessed some rather horrific times. It is also well worth a visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre, or the National Railway Museum for any train fanatics. If you are looking for something more light-hearted, simply stroll around Museum Gardens, the perfect spot for any picnic weather permitting.

York is the perfect city to get away from the stress of working life, and it is easy to understand why it was named the UK’s best and most beautiful city. But as well as being a relaxing and friendly place, it also offers a rich and fascinating history for those that love to delve into the past.


Visit the Historic City of York