Your body is not the only thing that needs your attention. Once in a while, you have the need of tending to your mind as well. The body and soul must live in harmony, and you need to find a certain sense of balance in your life, something that you cannot achieve with a healthy body but ‘damaged’ mind, or vice-versa. You need to achieve perfect health of both sides of your being. And what better destination to do that than India?

India might as well be the country with the most temples, but what you should be looking for first is an ashram. It is a quiet place where you can learn how to meditate and find some peace of mind. The Beatles went to one in 1968 to learn transcendental meditation and came back with 30 new songs. They went to Rishikesh, but there are several other locations where you can find an ashram. Everything you will do there is meditating and some yoga in amazing landscapes, which is something everyone should yearn for.

Yoga is not meant to perfect your body alone, but your mind as well. Don’t you think that the best yoga can be found in the country where it all started? If you are looking for the best place to do it, then Bhagsu Yoga Institute in Dharamsala is what you are looking for. Every single person who enters those doors come out feeling different, in the best way possible.

What about the temples?

It does not matter where you choose to go in India. Chances are you are going to have a real spiritual experience no matter where you go. If you decide to go on a temple tour, you are going to witness all sorts of rituals, which will provide cultural and spiritual nourishment. Some of them are quite heartwarming, and you will experience emotions you have never experienced before. And to think that all you need to do is be there and pay a little attention.

Temples in India are put into two categories. First, there are the ruins, which are great for a short visit and a few pictures. And then there are the temples where people still go to pray and hold their rituals. They are places of worship where you can witness some of the most beautiful spiritual and religious rituals. Keep in mind that spirituality and religion are two different things. Even if you are a Christian or an atheist, your emotions will not be affected by the fact that all the traditions are Hindu. No matter your religious beliefs, it is almost impossible not to be touched by what you see.

India is definitely worth a visit, especially if you go on one of those trips to find yourself. The effort is minimal, and the experience is unforgettable. Not to mention that getting there is as easy as pie. You can apply for an Indian e-visa online and receive it in your inbox. You can even get your passport photos online. As you can see, the only time you need to get out of the house is when you go to the airport. Even so, your mind and soul are worth it. You will come back another person, a better version of yourself. Namaste!