My new obsession (yes I am a little behind) is Netflix.  My fave shows to watch are Orange is the New Black and Lady Dynamite!

Netflix offline releases improved download app feature for Android smartphones. The media giant is moving ahead with plans to improve the user experience on android powered mobile devices. Technological advances demand that companies keep update with the latest usability trends on their Apps. Failure to achieve this will result in a gradual but sure decline in the number of active users. Less people using an App means a reduction in income generation. Even the best online casinos such as kiwi casino are improving their Apps for Android and all other mobile operating systems.

The new Netflix download App offers a particular new feature that makes it more enjoyable to use. Users of the Netflix app now have the ability to download videos for viewing when offline. This is not the only notable improvement. The new app lets users choose where they will store the data. Downloads can now be saved to an SD instead of on the hard drive. Freeing up essential space on the hard disk.

Fans of Netflix will be happy with these changes as they had been grumbling about the issue for some time now. However, it is essential that fans realize that not all smartphones with an SD slot will work. Also, the feature is not available to fans using iOS devices.

Improvements in the Netflix offline download App for Android should see a general rise in the users. The new functionalities in the application make it easier and more fun to use. Downloads via the new App are also expected to increase among already registered users. All this should cause year on year profits to improve. As much as this will have shareholders smiling the actual winners in this whole process are the movie fans. Easier access to all the latest movies is every movie lover’s dream. So we salute Netflix for their effort to make the online movie experience that more enjoyable even when offline



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