This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever had a big weekend planned and it was spoiled by the weather? How about a full work week, where you need all the hours you can get, then spend a lot of your day stuck in traffic caused by harsh weather?  Those days can now be behind you, once you download the SnowCast App!

With the SnowCast app for iOS, you will never be surprised by winter weather again. See how many inches of snow will fall in your location now, later in the day or over the next 48 hours. It is so easy to get ALL the  INFO You need to make your time yours and get back to what is important to you.

There are many more ways to let the SnowCast App help you plan your day and week:

– Should I shovel the driveway tonight or should I wait until morning?

Let the SnowCast App Answer the Question for You!

– Should I leave work early to beat the snow?

Let the SnowCast App Answer the Question for You!

– Will it snow enough to have a snow day?

Let the SnowCast App Answer the Question for You!

You can set it up to receive notifications to let you know when and how much snow is forecast for your very own location. Not just major cities, but any where you are! Find out if it is going to snow NOW or LATER (within the next 6 hours) or even later (over the next 48 hours – in 6 hours increments.)

It is so easy to work with and understand. It is just so easy!

Keep all NOAA winter weather warnings and advisories close by with this app, which is now easy to install. Also there is not a complex set up either. You will fall in love with this fast loading accurate radar with a simple and clean interface!

My daughter and I used it this week to see if we should travel out of town to see a few friends compete in a pageant.  With the possible threat of snow and ice, we decided to stay put and watch the Super Bowl at home.

This app could change your life. You can check it to make a lot of decision for you this winter.  No magic 8 Ball needed this winter!

Wondering if snow will put a wrench in your weekend plans? The new SnowCast app has you covered. SnowCast’s technology is backed by sophisticated snow prediction and forecast data, so you can see – at a glance – whether your chosen location will get a snow storm or just a dusting. Download the iOS app here. Download the app#MySnowCast

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