When I travel, we all know that I love amenities.  Some are luxe, some are required and some are just down right fun.  When you go on holiday or vacations what is your favorite luxury holiday amenity. When a poll was created and the results found – you may be surprised.  After I saw the results, I found out that I may have my own thoughts a bit different than before.

Research completed by a UK holiday company has now determined the #1 must have luxury holiday amenity is a hot tub or a private pool.

The team at Blue Chip Holidays polled a ton of adults from across the UK , and asked them “what is the ‘must have’ item you look for in a luxurious holiday home?”

Those who answered the poll could choose from a list of options provided or add one of their own. The winning answers are below:
• Private Hot Tub or pool – 34%
• Private Garden or balcony –  31%
• Dog Friendly – 14%
• Private Chef – 11%
• Log Burner/Open Fire – 9%

After reading the results, I then remembered some of my favorite luxury vacations this year.  Just recently I had my dogs with me at The Wilcox in Aiken, SC.  The #1 hotel in the US, which is also extremely dog friendly.  I think all was extremely happy on that trip. When you think about it what do you think are your real favorites?

Would you want the chef over a furbaby member of your own family?  I know I could do with out a chef if I only had room service.  Also a private garden or balcony can be replaced with groomed grounds to stroll on.

What do you want to see at a luxury resort to complete your must have list?