My husband & I enjoyed one of our first dates at Lake Lure, where they filmed parts of the movie Dirty Dancing (photo credit: Romantic Asheville

My husband & I enjoyed one of our first dates at Lake Lure, where they filmed parts of the movie Dirty Dancing (photo credit: Romantic Asheville

Honeymoon trips are the best part of your honeymoon time and as a result, utilizing this day with a full planned schedule is one of the best ideas. Planning the vacation on parts such as traveling and going out of town is significant to the newly married. Apparently they can spend quality of time together and understand each other well the way they want to. Vacation alone with a loved one is like heaven on the earth, so make it best and memorable.

The globe is full of natural beauty with attractive places full of adventure. Initially there are so many destinations to choose from for your honeymoon .They include the British virgin islands ,Costa Rica, Bali attractions in Indonesia, Hawaii, Haiti, Istanbul in turkey etc. Costa Rica appears to be one of the top best honeymoon destinations. It is not that hard anymore choosing Costa Rica as your honeymoon destination, since there is a vast variety of professionals working in the travel industry, promoting and handling Costa Rica honeymoon packages.

If you wish to spend the first days of your joined life in Costa Rica, you obviously made a wise choice. Costa Rica is one of the most intriguing and breathtaking places to visit, and those who work in the tourism industry know that better. They are able to tailor packages and destinations in order to meet all needs and tastes, and they will style them up to the smallest detail, ensuring that you will have an unforgettable stay on the island.

Costa Rica is renowned for the high quality and upscale options it provides, as well as the utmost detailed attention in a totally personalized way. Everyone knows that in a honeymoon, every moment has to be a breathtaking and unforgettable experience, thus, professionals pool their knowledge and expertise in order to organize and offer the most open services.

Costa Rica boasts a variety of locations, at the fantastic beaches, the breathtaking mountain ranges, the broad plains, and the intriguing rainforests; in addition to the unique landscape there is a wide range of accommodation options designed in such a way to meet all needs, making the overall experience on the island exclusive, making sure that the moments spent on the island will be memorable and incomparable.

Costa Rica honeymoon packages ensure fascinating moments in amazing destinations, based on privacy and exclusiveness. Honeymooners want to live in a paradise, an exotic oasis and spend there some truly romantic moments; Costa Rica can be that unique haven for honeymooners who want to experience something different. On that note if you are looking for accommodation with an attractive honeymoon package look no further for Oxygen Jungle Villas one of the top hotels in Costa Rica offers such. Other hotels include Mar-a-Villa, Villa Manzu, Villa Estrella etc.

We also have various places that can also be perfect for your honeymoon. They include the British Virgin Islands, it has a wide range of stylish activities that you will enjoy as a couple like hiking, and diving. This place is quite expensive and if budget is not a problem to you as a couple then consider this place as your destination. Another destination is Bali.

Romantic encounters on private lodges and luxurious villas, captivating areas and charming spots. Whether you opt for simple romance, or you wish to add some art, luxury, mysticism and relaxation, Costa Rica honeymoon trips are by default one of the top choices you can have.