Now that the sun is finally shining, it’s time to break in those summer wedges that you’ve been dying to wear! From rooftop bars to low key nights on the town, one thing is for certain, we all spend a decent amount of time teetering around town in our favorite wedges. As I would obviously never advise swapping out fabulous footwear in the name of practicality, I’m here to offer a simple solution for healing the all-too-familiar high heel hangover.

Meet HydroPeptide Stimulating Relief Balm ($48,, an advanced micro-circulating formula designed to target and relieve muscular tension quickly. Warming aleppo pepper extract helps increase circulation, while curcumin (turmeric) root extract acts as a scavenger of pro-inflammatory nitric oxide and COX-2 to relieve stiffness and swelling. Coconut Oil, rich in lauric acid, moisturizes skin while providing antimicrobial benefits.

HydroPeptide Stimulating Relief Balm

Anti-Aging Energizing Therapy

A fast-acting, deep penetrating and stimulating balm formulated with 3 peptides, botanical anti-inflammatories and emollients ideal for those seeking to energize, hydrate and restore youthful qualities to the skin.  Useful during massage therapy and also as an energy shot helpful pre workout to boost you into action and post workout for quicker recovery.

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