The wellness retreat Gwinganna offers their guests a very unique form of equine therapy on their spa menu. Equine therapy is a very respected spa treatment and has been used for many years to treat various issues.  Their forms of this wellness treatment are unique. They offer four such options.

Whether you have a specific need or just need stress-relief, Gwinganna Equine Experiences are here for you. Working alongside horses provides amazing insights into how one manages challenging situations in their lives.  Horses, as do humans, are extremely social creatures that know their roles within their own herds.  These clear parallels between human and horse nature present a great opportunity for metaphoric learning and deep growth in one’s own personal awareness.

One can chose from various types of Equine Experiences at Gwinganna –

Equine Assisted Therapy:  A therapist works with you and the horse for a unique session of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Equine Assisted Meditation: Under guidance of the trained therapist you and the horse will find your own inner peace.

Equine Assisted Learning: A small group session leads to enhance leadership skills and increased self-esteem.

Your therapy journey is an extremely powerful process and also extremely unique to you.  Gwinganna will customize your equine experiences to create the best possible outcome for you, which will allow you to release and transform anything holding you down. Their Equine Experience is globally recognized and highly praised as a healing process transforming lives of people around the world!

This link will show you all of the spa treatments offered at Gwinganna …definitely a place added to my Goblet List (aka luxury bucket list that can be repeated over and over again)!