uvita hotel

Uvita is really a splendid place for you to be in with your family. This place can even be an adorable location for the newlyweds to pick for their honeymoon. It is always necessary for you to choose the finest kind of hotels to be in when you are picking the right ones for you. It is always good to spare adequate time in choosing a hotel and here are the best.

Oxygen Jungle Villas

If you really want to get the best out of what you spend then your choice should be oxygen jungle villas. This is really an incredible hotel that you can consider as it really makes you enjoy the finest way of jungle life as well as also have the best experience in dealing with the time you are spending here. If you are from a crowded and cluttered city then being here will be like getting some fresh air. These villas are great and awesome and need prior booking as only 12 of them are there in the jungle. It is something near to Marino Ballena national par.

During the peak seasons it is really much hard for you to really get a villa booked for you in this best Uvita Hotels. The villas are made with glass which gives you the feeling that you are living right in jungle just like any other animals. It is an adult only resort and has got so many times mentioned in many of the popular publications like travel & leisure, Conde Nast etc. This is the best place for couples to hangout the newlyweds or the ones who are taking a break from their hectic schedule for a spa day. It is good that you are getting whole private space for enjoying amidst the forest. It is not a place where children are allowed. They say that they have not allowed kids as they want to keep this place really romantic. It is really a place which you should choose to reinvent your love. This is very natural as with time and pressure of the life most of the couples feel that the love that was there in between them got eroded away. If you are feeling that then you can take a break and be in this jungle villas for enjoying the bonding you have and feeling the same love between yourself. You can enjoy the beauty of ocean from here as well as can enjoy infinity pool. The staff of this place is really is so good to take care of all your needs. The price of it is really reasonable for the experience you get from here. The cost may change based on the season.

Kurta Resort

Kurta resort is the one that also comes under the high end resorts. It is really an exclusive hotel in Costa Rica. They have got 6 villas with great views of ocean and jungle. It is the best place that is beautiful modern and provides you with amazing experience. It provides you with a memorable experience if you can really afford it.