Okay someone once defined me as THE Travel Writer who Re-Defined the Spa Day into a Wellness Adventure. While this I say it is quite true, I have now discovered a tour company who has taken it up a notch to the wellness adventures of my dreams. Some dreams we think could never come true, but now I stand corrected!

How does a boutique luxury wellness tour sound? Like a dream – right? Well I just discovered Gypsian Boutique Tours and saw that my dreams are now available!

They love adventure just as much as we do and that’s why they started the tour company! We all need vacations and holidays to allow us to realign and refocus our energy. Balance is a must in our lives.

Their wellness tours and yoga retreats combine the adventurous nature of our the ideas from traditional and solo types of tours. They provide an authentic wondrous style of tour with a focus on essential wellness elements like daily yoga sessions in some remarkable so-breathtaking locations! Throw in luxury spa treatments and healthy delicious cuisine and I am in! How about you? They have refined both wellness travel and yoga retreats for us all!

So if you’re looking for both an experiential and wellness theme holiday or vacation trip that invigorates your health and your heart – it is here so look no further!