When one travels, they really want to get all they can out of their trip.  Most spend hours perusing travel guides and ready all they can about their future destination. Most of these I find are very alike.  Each pointing out the “must-do” and “must-sees”. I rather like to check off my Goblet List before the prior mentioned.

Lately when I travel, I have decided to do more as a local would do.  So, I have been reaching out to locals to experience how they live life daily.  Yes, sometimes that leaves me missing out on a few of those “must-see”, but one always needs a reason to go back. Enjoy these things to do in Amsterdam via WithLocals. Locals are always the way to go and I used a local in Paris for one of the most memorable trips ever.

I would much rather have a personal experience that I have as a memory and share with others my entire life, than a photo opp that everyone else has too.

I have found that the website WithLocals is a great stopping place form me to find out about an upcoming trip to Amsterdam.  What a city with such great people.