Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to usher in the new season than with a detox to freshen up? A detox can make you feel like a new woman, and give you the inspiration to start a new project, apply for a new job, or simply do that bit of home improvement you’ve been putting off since Christmas. With a fresh body comes a fresh mind, so a detox could just give you the motivation you need to achieve a life goal. Here’s how to freshen up this spring!

Get Hydrated

Drinking enough water everyday could transform your complexion, increase your energy levels and even help you lose weight. Your body needs around six to eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated, so start your detox by increasing the amount of water you drink. Cut out caffeinated and sugary drinks (fizzy drinks are the worst), as these will just dehydrate you, and start drinking a glass of hot water with lemon in the morning. Your digestive system will love you.

Eating raw vegetables will also help you get hydrated. Try including salad with your lunch or dinner, even if it is just on the side. Fresh leaves, celery and cucumber are full of vitamins that will help you get rid of all those toxins in your body.

Get Moving

A healthy diet is just the beginning, exercise really is the key to the perfect detox. The trick is working exercise into your daily routine. Yoga is a great form of exercise and can be done first thing in the morning from the comfort of your own home, which makes it the perfect daily exercise routine. Kickstart your journey into yoga with a yoga retreat. It’s the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the yogi lifestyle, and especially good for beginners as it will teach you how to practice yoga every day. Once you’ve experienced how revitalizing yoga can be, you will want to keep it up for the rest of your life!

Get Fresh and Ready for a New Start

Now you’ve changed your diet and your exercise routine, the next step is to freshen up the rest of your life. From your wardrobe, to your home, to your career… adding something a little new to your life will be the perfect way to refresh yourself this spring. Maybe you’ve been wanting to dye your hair a new color, take up a new hobby or start a new career? After a detox is the perfect time to make some big life changes.

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