In October last year there was a post of tips for those traveling abroad on a budget. After the festivities of Christmas and New Year, we can look at spa tips for those on a budget. “Not possible!” Some of you might cry. But it is possible! Through a mixture of locating the right destinations, doing what you can by yourself at home, and colleting together some cash, being frugal is not only possible, but enriching for both mind and body.

  • Lose the Fancy Add-ons

    These days, there are plenty of budget spas out there that are offering top-class service and luxurious pampering, despite the lower cost. Floatworks at London Bridge has become particularly popular over the last couple of years, helping busy London commuters relax and unwind. At this budget spa, you will not find so much in the way of robes and pillows, and few other fancy add-ons, but you will be able to climb into one of their private flotation rooms, and enjoy a complementary massage in one of their therapy suites.

  • DIY

    There are many ways to create a DIY spa treatment cheaply from the comfort of your own home. Rose water can be prepared simply and in no time at all; something a little more complicated like a face mask can similarly be created quickly, by throwing some cold cream, yoghurt, avocado, and aloe vera gel into a blender. Following in this vein, you can deep-condition your hair with coconut oil, and use a combination of brown sugar, raw oatmeal and olive oil for an exfoliating scrub. To turn your shower into a sauna, run it at its highest temperature for twenty minutes or so. You can then spray a warm cloth with a relaying oil, and then breathe through this when stepping into the shower.

  • Make Some Money Back

    Many of us have an assortment of old beauty products and utensils that we no longer use. Rather than clinging on and allowing them to continue cluttering up your bathroom, sell them! These days it is incredibly easy to set up your own online store to get rid of old possessions and make some money at the same time. Many companies such as 1&1 have a free website builder which can help HTML novices to set up a site in simple steps. The cash you make from your sales, can be used to fund either a trip to Floatworks or the products for your home-made spa kit.