If you’re headed out of the country and need to stick to a strict budget, there are a few things you should be aware of before you board the plane. Spending less can mean enjoying more time in your destination, and by using the following genius tips and tricks, you can cut your trip costs by a significant margin.

  1. Be Aware of Tipping Customs

In the states, it seems we tip for almost every service, but the same is not true for many cultures abroad. In some areas, tipping may be included with the check, it may not be expected at all, or it may require a different percentage than the average you’re used to in the United States. Tipping when it’s not required or expected will deplete your funds much quicker than necessary. If you’ll have your phone with you during your travels, download an app like Global Tip Calculator Pro, which will quickly provide information on local tipping customs.

  1. Look Into Local Employment

If your travels don’t include a designated end date, you can find ways to make money and extend your trip. Finding a job in a foreign destination might be easier than you think. Bartending, waitressing, farm jobs, and even cater-waiting on cruise ships or private yachts can be lucrative forms of employment that make your extended travel dreams a reality.

  1. Pack Enough Supplies

Before you head out, ensure you have enough of the supplies that may not be easily available in your destination. For example, if you are a vaper, as many people are these days, be sure you stock up on the essentials. Many countries may not have these supplies, or they might be very hard to find and significantly more expensive. Get some extra batteries and any other equipment you may need but be sure to double-check the country you are visiting’s vaping policies.

  1. Utilize Your Student ID

If you’re a recent graduate, still in school, or have just hung onto an old student ID, make sure you pack it with your passport. Organizations across the world provide hefty discounts for student visitors. This can extend to museum visits, hostel stays, and even drinks at local pubs or restaurants.

  1. Eat In

If you are staying in an Airbnb or hotel with a kitchenette, utilize the resources and cut down on the amount of meals you eat out at restaurants. This will give you the chance to really experience life in a new city; shop in local grocery stores and markets, try some local fare, and put together a culinary masterpiece without spending an arm and a leg. The money left over can be used to gain access to new sights, and you’ll feel like a native after cooking a fresh dinner with local ingredients in your own space.

  1. Travel Costs

Depending on your destination, transportation costs can greatly vary. If in Europe, look into the Eurail Train Pass and find out if it matches your desired locations. If you’d prefer to fly, utilize for amazing flight deals—you may even find cheap flights the day of. This is especially useful if you have a flexible travel schedule. Simply type in the airport you’d like to depart from, and the website will sort the cheapest destinations on your selected date.

  1. Luggage

The rates of checked luggage seem to skyrocket higher and higher each week. With many airlines decreasing the size of applicable carry-ons and raising the price of checked bags, it’s in your best interest to pack light. Find a lightweight suitcase, backpack, or duffel for your trip, and pack only the things you’ll absolutely need—trust me, this will save you a headache when going through airport security. If you do have to check a bag, be sure to weigh the bag ahead of time to make sure it meets the requirements.

  1. Plan Your Forms of Payment

Chip-enabled credit cards are on the rise in the United States, but in other parts of the world they are already a necessity. Being prepared with a chip-enabled card that doesn’t charge for international transactions is essential to a budget-friendly trip. Keep up to date on the currency exchange rate, and avoid exchanging within airports or train stations, as the rates are usually significantly inflated.

If you’re ready to depart for a wonderful journey in a foreign country, planning and sticking to a budget can make it affordable while still giving you the experience you’ve always dreamed of. Use these savvy tips and have a vacation you’ll never forget.