Emjoi has done it again–first epilation, then the micro-pedi and now a wonderful device for maintaining beautiful nails with ease. It is ideal for everyone–women and men can use it.  It is the perfect grooming essential for all! Take a look at the easiest way for you and your nails to shine!

This little gem provides an effortless, fast manicure with or without polish. Great looking nails are youthful and a sign of wellness. In addition to looking at ones face, many people look at hands, since people tend to talk with their hands as they do with facial expressions. Pretty feet are also desirable and toe nails respond beautifully as well. This inimitable device has been designed for refining, smoothing and ultimately shining finger and toe nails. Dullness is gone and luminosity and vibrancy are enhanced to a radiance that looks like clear polish without the worries of drying time and chipping.

I tried it myself after removing some gel nails. The gel nails were amazing, but I was so worried about removing them and how my nails would look.  After a light soaking, they started to slip off. After I got them completely removed I used my Emjoi to make them shine again like new! I definitely recommend this product for amazing home nail care! 

AP-8W_new04With its innovative roller spinning 360 degrees at an amazing 30 times per second, it gently buffs away ridges, imperfections and discoloration while adding a beautiful shine. Its exclusive design brings out a perfectly polished and presentable look in just minutes. It is a universal product that appeals to both genders and all ages which is highly unusual, and makes it a MUST HAVE for oneself as well as the ideal gift for everyone! As a personal tool, it is hygienic and an alternative to nail salons for those who prefer the comfort of home and the cost savings of do-it-yourself. 
Sold at this time, exclusively through QVC(.com),the product has been reordered multiple times because it is a sell out. Retailing for just $43.00, it is sleek and conveniently battery operated, the Micro-Nail can be used any time and any place. It features 2 rollers, a Micro-Smooth roller in gray, which is for smoothing and is mounted on the unit and a Micro-Shine roller for the shining function. Following its use, naturally shiny nails are revealed and last up to 2 weeks. If users of the Micro-Nail opt for polish, the smooth finish will allow polish to glide on effortlessly.