My husband & I enjoyed one of our first dates at Lake Lure, where they filmed parts of the movie Dirty Dancing (photo credit: Romantic Asheville

My husband & I enjoyed one of our first dates at Lake Lure, where they filmed parts of the movie Dirty Dancing (photo credit: Romantic Asheville)

You want to make a good first impression and please your date but you have no idea what to start with? You should know that choosing the right venue for your date is halfway to success. Here are some great ideas created by Romance Compass Brides Angency for your first romantic date to facilitate your choice.

  • Playgrounds
    No matter how old we are, we all stay kids deep down. The playground is that place where even grown-ups relapse into childhood and reveal their inner child. Monkey bars, slides, swings – everyone, old and young alike, enjoys that stuff. The playground will make an excellent location for your first date where you and your girl will plunge into the atmosphere of cheerfulness and carelessness. This relaxed atmosphere will get you both into the mood for an unstrained conversation.
  • Parks
    Parks are urban oases in the middle of the hustle and bustle of big cities. Ask her out to take a walk in the park. If there is a lake with the ducks, bring some bread for them. Feeding ducks together will make you closer. When you get a bit tired, sit down on the bench and talk about something nice watching the ducks. You can also bring some food for you and have a picnic in the open air.
  • Restaurant
    If you decide to ask her out to dinner, choose a themed restaurant or the one with a great view. Its windows can look out on a garden, the sea, or if it’s located on the roof of some building, it can have a breathtaking view on the horizon or urban landscape. If there are some restaurants with the unusual interior, choose the most romantic place.
  • Master class
    A good way to spend your first date is to take a one hour class. That should be something you’ve never done before: dancing, drama, painting, or pottery. It’s advisable to choose the activity that will end up with a keepsake for your date.
  • Skating rink or rollerdrome
    Ice skating or roller skating will be a nice idea for the first part of your date. You’ll warm up and get positive emotions; she’ll see that you’re always there when she needs your support. After that, you can relax at the nearest café and talk in a quiet atmosphere.
  • Local zoo
    If there is a zoo in your city, choose it as a venue for your first date. You’ll have the time of your life there watching different animals and discussing what you like about them. It’s very hard to conceal your joy looking at some really weird species, so be prepared for the emotional exchange. You can bring a bunch of carrots for your date and then feed it to animals. She’ll be amused.
  • Bowling
    Another idea for your rendezvous is to go bowling. Although some consider it trite or standard, it is still a fun indoor activity. What is more, a bit of rivalry between those who are into each other will add more excitement to the date. Another advantage of going bowling is that you can alternate your conversation with doing something together.
  • Outdoor movies
    If it’s the warm time of the year, you can arrange your date in the open air and combine it with watching a romantic movie. That’s a perfect opportunity to sit or lie close to each other and make a gentlemanly move sharing your rug and embracing her when she gets cold.


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