Many of my fellow travel writers have been exploring major cities on the southern coast of Turkey, such as Fethiye, Kas and Olympos, while soaking in the history and culture of the Mediterranean. So, I decided to let Amy Hume guest post today to tell us all about an Alaturka Blue Cruise.

There are many beautiful beaches, villages and small cities along the Turquoise Coast in the Antalya region of southwestern Turkey. The most interesting option to discover these regions is through a blue cruise tour, which will take you on a trip through time. Choose a package most suitable for your holiday, budget and interests.

Blue Cruise Packages

Alaturka Blue Cruise packages offer you a once in a lifetime experience sailing through crystal blue waters that make this region so famous. Various cruises offer stops in different locations and can last anywhere from 2 nights/3 days to 7 nights/8 days. The staff and crew of Alaturka Blue Cruises are experienced in Turkish culture and history. The company works hard to engage seaside communities by supporting local businesses ranging from transportation to regional food suppliers.


Onboard the Gulet

Life on the yacht can be as rigorous or relaxing as you wish! The lounge areas onboard provide for comfortable sunbathing or places to play a game of poker or backgammon. Frequent stops along secluded bays ensure swimmers will have plenty of delightful dips in the refreshing sea. Be sure to spend a night under the stars. Then rise with the sun and wake up with a brisk swim to start your day off strong.




Food on the Cruise

The chef of the gulet will please your taste buds with seasonal food from the area. A hearty Turkish breakfast includes local tomatoes, cucumbers, a range of white cheeses, fresh olives, and sucuk (sausage) with eggs. For lunch enjoy pasta or rice served with traditional vegetable dishes and crisp green salad.

Dinner is a highlight on the cruise as every night is a barbecue. The chef will grill fish, chicken or meatballs, and if you’re lucky a nice serving of aubergine. Classic mezes and side dishes make delicious companions to the grilled feast.


Optional Cruise Activities

For those less inclined to sunbathe all day, there are many options for watersports along the cruises. Paragliding over Oludeniz Beach is a breathtaking adventure for those brave enough to jump off Babadag Mountain, nearly 2000 meters high.

If you prefer to stay in the water, diving in Kas is a day of exploring the marine

life that people from all over the world come to see.


Waterskiing, ringo rides and wake boarding are offered in a few locations along the cruises. Bring your snorkeling gear or rent from a local merchant when the anchor is dropped in beautiful blue bays from Fethiye to Olympos.


Locations along the Way


Fethiye is one of the most popular cities on the coast of Turkey for blue cruises. The lively city offers many areas nearby for action and adventure. Go on a jeep safari to Saklikent Gorge, which is the second largest canyon in Europe and hosts a waterfall of fresh mountain water.


Oludeniz and the Blue Lagoon provide sandy beaches and those famous warm turquoise waters to swim or rent a paddleboat and explore more territory.


If you enjoy hiking then you must visit Butterfly Valley. Most of the cruises leaving from Fethiye and Olympos make a stop at the Valley.


Saint Nicholas Island is the assumed resting place of St. Nick, or Santa Clause. The island can only be accessed by boat, making this a frequent stop included in Alaturka Blue Cruise packages. A traditional snack gozleme is sold from small boats floating around the bay. This flat bread made by local women can be filled with sweet or savory delights including Nutella or spinach and cheese. After enjoying a portion of gozleme, hike to the top of the hill and watch the stunning sunset.


The sunken city of Kokova is a stop included in all packages. The ancient city sank nearly 2,000 years ago after a devastating earthquake, however Simena Castle and many Lycian rock tombs are preserved enough to understand the depth of history in this area. Kokova is famous for homemade ice cream so don’t leave without a tasty treat!


Shopping, eating and drinking in Kas are a wonderful experience along the package tours. Kas is a quaint seaside village world famous for diving thanks to the rich underwater creatures and a few ships that were buried at sea. Depending on the season and your luck, you may be able to swim along sea turtles that call this area home.


Demre, also known as the Roman city of Myra, offers an area full of ancient ruins including the church of Saint Nicholas, which attracts pilgrims from many countries.


Package Options

 Take a look at alaturkacruises.com to decide what tour is best for you. The cruises depart from either Fethiye or Olympos/Demre and continue on a one-way tour or return trip depending on your time. Each package will immerse you in history, Turkish culture and seaside amusement.

Guest Post By Amy Hume.  Thanks Amy!