When you’re out of town, be it on vacation or business, emergencies happen. Children get unknown fevers, prescriptions get left at home, and you won’t always know where to get help. Even in this day and age of smart phones and instantaneous searching, it’s not always clear which pharmacy or hospital is going to be open when you need help fast.

Exigency is an emergency app that puts all the important information in one place. They have done the research so you don’t have to: open hours for pharmacies and hospitals, and a convenient place to save all your insurance information and doctors in one place. I have already used and found it extremely useful and accurate.  As someone who has recently moved, I found it great to automatically yet me know where the closest hospitals and pharmacies were located.  During travel or just a day trip, I can see how this could be priceless.


Exigency’s map feature gives you directions to the closest open hospital emergency room or pharmacy, so there’s no need to worry and wonder while you drive. If your insurance provider offers a nurse hotline, that number is already a part of the app, ready at your convenience.

When you’re in an emergency, Exigency gives you a direct line to the help you need.  It loads the answers immediately.  No waiting, no googling, no calling 800 phone numbers with a long wait.  It works fast and isn’t that the most important thing in an emergency! You can download it for free on iTunes – Exigency.


Everyone can use this app.  Please make sure you have your spouse, kids and the grandparents download it too!