74b8732d958da71d02605a303df72eadCan you believe that I went to Atlantic City without even enjoying an Atlantic City Spa or casino? Well I can’t say I did not enter one. I did get thrown out of a casino, but you will have to read on to find out why. So what happens when a busy mom who goes to Atlantic City? Well I can tell you about this one that never even got to touch a slot machine – not even one with kittens on it or my fave movie of all time Wizard of Oz.  I could only see them in a distance and dream of the thrill. Yes I went to Atlantic City and did not gamble in a casino.

My daughter won a trip as a National Queen for the Reigning America pageant system to see the Miss America pageant this year in Atlantic City.  Jr. Miss Reigning America wins a trip to see the top of their game in the pageant world and discover what a great system it is for young women to become more confident and earn scholarships for education.

Pageant moms do not get a lot of time for themselves.  Even if there is a slim chance that you are not needed for something, you don’t want to miss any of your daughter’s experiences. Most of them are a once in a lifetime change and you want to be there for the memories with your child. What is my one fault of heading to Atlantic City for the first time? I never got to play a game in one of the casinos. Yes I did enter one to cut thorough during a rain storm, but I had a slew of National Queens with me ranging from 6-19 years of age.  You see that range did not go up to 21 did it? With that many kids in tow, I guess we drew the attention of security at the very moment we entered the door. They quickly escorted us toward an escalator. Little did I know that one of the kids who’s mom was not with us was screaming because they do not ride escalators.

So after the ordeal of getting the young child down an escalator with the help of her big sis, we then found ourselves at the door of another casino area and yet a second escalator. Well this time we were so fluster, we headed toward the escalator without thinking about it and had the same struggle of getting everyone down. All the time, I was eyeing the casino area and anything I could see that felt like luxury to this luxury spa travel gal.

Just as I had given up that the day would end without a visit to a casino or (gasp) a spa, I did find the comfort of our hotel room. Feet tired and propped up after a nice shower I had a great idea. How can I check off that box that I played a game in Atlantic City. Well I turned to online games like the one here called Betway. I am all about checking off those life experience boxes, but I call that list a “Goblet List”.  A Goblet List is a luxury activity that you don’t want to do just once but over and over again.  This is what I believe is much more positive than that other list some speak about.

Now my only regret of visiting Atlantic City was that I did not get to visit any Atlantic City Spas.  Well there is always next year and then possibly a year that I will be there as a pageant mom who has a daughter in the Miss America competition.  I think that may take more than all of the spas in the state to calm me down then! Well I do have a potential trip to Las Vegas Spas on the horizon! How about you?