How does a train schedule totally change your spa day? Ask me!

While traveling the world or Baden-Baden, Germany in particular I have fallen in love with a trip to luxury casinos. I am not much of a gambler, but the luxury casino scene is not to be missed especially at the Baden-Baden Casino.

“The most beautiful casino in the world”, was how Marlene Dietrich described Germany’s oldest casino and I can definitely agree with that myself.

What could be better than to finish off a day of shopping or spent after a spa day at Friedrichsbad – The Roman-Irish Bath in the grand rooms at the Baden-Baden Casino. You will be in awe when you see the extravagant interior and ready to people watch as you view these international high rollers.

Per the city of Baden-Baden the casino has a history dating back over 250 years and fashioned on the lines of French royal palaces, the Baden-Baden Casino is, and always has been, a temple to the alluring game of chance. What was in the last century a social rendezvous for nobles and the elite, nowadays opens its doors to all of Baden-Baden’s guests.

During a holiday spent at one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, The Oetker Collection’s Brenner’s Park Hotel and Spa, my mother and I were able to head out for a night at this luxurious casino.  See us as we were about to depart for our adventurous night on Instagram.

Well since I can’t hop over to Germany just any time I feel like it – I guess the alternative is playing the slots at home at an online casino like Mansion Casino. Nothing beats being able to play slots from home without getting dressed up and hobnobbing with the international elite sometimes. Yes, I want to make my way back there, but if I must online is fine and I can just imagine I am in my soul’s homeland of Baden-Baden, Germany.

While I’m a fan of travel, luxury hotels, luxury spas, and fancy restaurants – I’m not a fan of smoke filled casinos, not-so-polite travelers and the expense and effort it takes to visit abroad all the time. I hear many people prefer to play from home in privacy from an online “Mansion” instead of the real thing.