In honor of my good Canadian friend Sue who is enlightening the world with her travel to Scotland this week! 

Traveling anywhere today can be quite expensive, which is why many people may often shy away from making trips or extended stays to just about any place they may go. Even if you are traveling for business purposes you will often find it difficult to find good deals that can fit well into your structured travel budget so you can be sure you are not spending money out of your own pocket. Going to any city like Edinburgh may create some travel challenges for you, but you will find cheap hotels in Edinburgh are available if you know what to look for.

Spend the Time to Look

The important aspect in finding the right hotels for your stay that are affordable to you is that you need to focus in on certain aspects of the hotels. First, you want to look to find a hotel that is in the central location to the places you plan to visit the most. If you are doing a lot of sightseeing, you want to look for hotels near EICC in Edinburgh so that you can be close to the top attractions, entertainment venues, shopping and best dining establishments. For business, you want to find a hotel that is close to the office but also has easy access to both the airport and to public transportation so that you can be sure to get everywhere you need to go as quickly as possible. Once you have found hotels that fit this criterion you can then begin to look more closely at room rates, amenities, service and comfort. When you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Edinburgh that has all of these traits you will see that the Piries Hotel is the best choice around.

A Hotel with Great Comfort and Cost

The Piries Hotel is a great combination of comfort, high quality service and ideal location, along with some of the best prices of any hotel located in Edinburgh. The hotel is very close to Edinburgh Airport and has easy access to the Haymarket Train Station, which is just a two minute walk from the hotel. This means you can get to anyplace you want to go in the city quickly. The hotel itself features a townhouse style that keeps with traditional Scottish design but offers all of the modern amenities you want in a hotel, such as satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet access, private bathrooms, in-room tea and coffee facilities and much more. All of this is combined with a fantastic staff to assist you in any way they can and you can have just the type of hotel stay you are seeking the most.

When you stay at the Piries Hotel you are going to get the affordable accommodations you want the most along with comfort that you require from a hotel. As you are making the arrangements for your trip to Edinburgh, look to see what rooms are available during the time of your trip and ask about any special programs, promotions or offerings that may be going on so that you can save even more during your trip.