There are a ton of advantages that make traveling solo one of the best way to holiday, and, with a little preparation and some keen social skills you’ll soon find yourself having a great time with new friends. So how do you go about making your own way at a new party destination? Well here are a few tips that will get you on the right track.

1. Stay at a party hostel or hotel

If you’re staying at a family resort odds are you’re not going to find the perfect group of people to head out on the town with—most tend to be preoccupied with their loved ones. But at a party hostel/hotel guests are not only excited to hit the bars and clubs, but they’re also looking forward to meeting new people to experience these new places with. Whether it’s groups of people or other solo travelers, you’re far more likely to find someone to throw back a few shots with at a party hotel or hostel than your traditional resort.

2. Look into publicized events and activities

Most party destinations tend to have a whole load of events going on—everything from themed parties to pub crawls—and if you look specifically for ones that seem to emphasize group activities, you’re bound to find a few like minded people to drink with and get to know as the night goes on.

3. Do things during the day

While a few drinks are bound to loosen you up to converse with strangers, getting out and experiencing life and meeting people during the day is also a great way to interact and make friends. Most major holiday destinations have everything from exercise and sports activities going on, to surfing classes and cruises. And while people might head to different bars every night they are much more likely to head to the same exercise class day after day, meaning it can be a great way to make new friends.

5563833146_35a09cb940_z4. Talk with locals

Sometimes on holiday the only people we look to interact with are other holiday-makers, but there are also plenty of locals who are out for a good time and are excited to  expand their social circle . On top of this, locals tend to know the spots to head to for drinks, food, and a good time. So don’t be afraid to ask for a little advice when you think you might need it.

5. Consider an organized trip

There are plenty of great travel companies that are starting to specialize in booking vacations that focus on great party destinations, such as Thomson Scene. Traveling and staying in a place where everyone is after the same party scene will make the good times easy to find.

Just always keep in mind when traveling solo that you don’t have anyone around you to rely on, so be sure to be smart and safe and you will undoubtedly have a great time.

Images by  warrenski and Keith Parker used under the Creative Commons License.