image003-2This September pair your perfect spa day, mud bath and hot springs swim with one of Glen Ivy Hot Springs yoga offerings. Whether you are looking for peace and stillness or a little extra toning, Glen Ivy’s yoga and wellness program offers a wide range of classes including unique picks like Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga with Gong Meditation, Aqua Yoga and even Yoga for the Face. Glen Ivey Hot Springs Yoga may be just what you need. 

Each class offered is a unique approach to this ancient practice and perfectly paired with a luxurious spa day.

Yoga for the Face

This unique face sculpting class introduces simple, yet effective facial exercises for a lean, sculpted and younger looking face. Face Yoga is a promising technique that involves a series of exercises which help to tone the face the same way yoga for the body tones and relaxes. 


Hatha Yoga

Stretch, open, relax and let go. Our certified instructors help guests find the perfect practice for nurturing their bodies, minds and spirits. Stretching and yoga pose options are offered, tailoring the class to the level of each student.


Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation

This relaxing and refreshing class focuses on opening and releasing the spine and muscles of the back, leaving you feeling energized but deeply calm and centered. Each Kundalini Yoga class concludes with a Gong Meditation to complete your descent into joy.