We all love a good pampering session. Yet, like getting a vacation from work or having a girls’ night out, few of us have the time to trek to a special countryside manor for a foot massage from a Swami priest. So, wouldn’t you love to find unique ways to pamper at home?

But that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself at home. Your home might not contain a sauna, a bath filled with seaweed or a massage therapist who’ll rub you back like they were stroking a Buddha belly – but you can still fill it with luxury items for a personal pamper.

With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to give you a bit of pampering time in your own home – and it’ll leave you feeling mellower than a Katie Melua album.


Neck direct

You might have heard songstress Meghan Trainor claim that it’s all about that bass this year. In fact, if you haven’t heard of Meghan Trainor you’re either living under a rock or locked away in a five star luxury spa.

But while Trainor has been focusing on the derriere, there’s one unsightly harbinger of chub that’s been ignored – the double chin.

Indeed, once on the lips could be a lifetime on your face. While highly regimented diets and main courses of rabbit food can shed pounds, you don’t want to be gnawing lettuce leaves on your pamper day.

Try a product like neck cream subd, which will tighten your neck muscles and make that double chin disappear. This cream from the recently departed Dr. Brandt is true innovation. It’s not exactly a miracle cream – but it comes pretty close. Dr, Brandt was the first skincare company to reach out to me when I stated blogging and I will always be grateful to him. So use that neck cream. You know, Meghan Trainer may be all about the bass, but give her a few years and she will be all about the neck cream both day and night!

garage spa

Partner preening

A professional masseuse can turn your aching joints into jelly. Moreover, they can give you time to have a relax, all while someone lavishes you (or more specifically your muscles) with their undivided attention.

When you’re not willing to fork out for a private massage, however, why not get the next best thing?

If your partner is worth their salt, they’ll be delighted to relax you with a soothing backrub. Play some chilled out tunes, invest in massage oils and let your partner give you the muscle relaxation you need. The benefits will be triple fold!

A gift of a garage

In popular tradition, the garage has been the haven of men, their tools and their sometimes (what seems to us gals) pointless tinkering. I adore seeing my husband out there like a young boy playing playing with his legos. There really is a Garage Spa in the UK named adjoining the historic Morritt Country House Hotel. I hope to visit there one day!

Yet what about turning your own damp and musty garage into your own garage spa, a place of true relaxation? Cover the walls in mellow colours, install a massage table and pump litling sounds into your garage.  BUT do it quick before the man of the house gets home!

Once you’re done with this transformation, you could have a room that could match even the most exclusive luxury relaxation spas.

And if you want to share your room with friends, you could always give them the chance to chill whenever they like. Well I know this is almost a pipe-dream, but the spa life is made of dreams!