With appointments scheduled, is there a vacant slot for pedicures? In most of the cases, people ignore pedicures because your feet are covered most of the times and ‘who cares?!’ Well, if you don’t want to care for your own feet, why should anyone else care for it? Pedicures are important because you have one set of feet, and you should look after them. Posted below are heath benefits of pedicures that might inspire you to book a spa appointment.

It Prevents Infection

If you don’t moisturize your feet daily, pedicure is the only source of moisture for your feet. Moisturizing is important because it prevents cracks from forming. At the same time, it prevents infections. So, if you do not have time to moisturize your feet daily, opt for a spa appointment for pedicure. It will help in giving you the much needed hydration and of course relaxation!

Stops Calluses

Callus, as noted on Wikipedia, is a toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation. Pedicures give your feet the much-needed hydration and moisturizes them. With this, it even helps in removing and preventing calluses.

Decreases Stiffness
With a foot massage, stiffness can be decreased because it puts all of your joints through a range of motions. This is extremely important for those who do not wish to use supplements to strengthen and lubricate your joints.

Applying nail polish makes our feet stand out. However, it you let them linger for too long, it can lead to a nail fungus termed as onychomycosis. I am guilty of loving a certain color and leaving it on much too long! Frequent pedicures make sure that you never forget about it!

Healthier Lifestyle
With pedicures, one feels good about their feet. With happy feet, we tend to move around more often. This keeps us mentally and physically healthier.

Pedicures are important, but one should not opt for just any pedicure or any spa. When opting for one, you should check for the tools used by them. If the salon uses jetted tubs, you should stay away from them because jetted tubs do not clean properly. There are a few salons that use “cheese graters” or Credo foot files. You should stay away from them too because the intense exfoliation from these tools can create cuts or small openings on your foot. This can result in a horrid infection.

If you have adequate knowledge about what to do and want to do it on your own at home, you should have necessary tools for the same. I myself have been doing my own pedicures for the past few months to save time and money. If you want to buy these type of tools online, you should visit Sears.com and get some at a discounted price. Sears.com offers a variety to choose from! So, you can choose tools and get discounts on the same. Apart from store discounts, you should look for coupons too. Coupons can help you get additional discounts on other items you might need too. Sears has tons of stuff you might need around the house! Save money there and then you will have some to get those pedicures!

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What is your take on pedicures? Share your views in the comments sections below!