There’s no better way to save time (and money!) than with a few good beauty tools that do more than just make you look pretty! Time to “spring clean” your makeup bag and refresh it with a multipurpose lip gloss and foundation applicator, triple threat cleanser, and dual anti-aging moisturizer and sunscreen!

My favorite new spring clean item is the Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel.  It is just what your skin needs – not too much harshness and just enough gentle cleansing! Also take a look at a few other items too!

·         SWOON Applicator ($12, – There’s nothing worse than running low on your favorite lip gloss, especially when you’re on the go! SWOON is the first and only extended lip gloss applicator that helps you reach the bottom, sides and corners of any and every lip gloss tube! Plus, it can also be used to reach the last drops of your favorite foundation or concealer!

·         Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel ($44, www.hydropeptide) – Cleanser, toner and makeup remover all in one! This gentle and refreshing cleanser loaded with powerful peptides and antioxidants effectively removes dirt and excess oil while toning and lifting away all traces of makeup without over-drying.

·         Honor MD Protect ($60, – An amazing 3-in-1 moisturizer! Provides superior UVA and UVB sun protection, helps fight wrinkles with powerful anti-aging benefits, and moisturizes with antioxidants. Also doubles as a great base/primer for smooth and flawless makeup application!