Okay now that I have your attention aka #MenInSpas – Picture Yourself wrapped in a cozy robe, sipping tea and catching up on a good book before indulging in a heavenly 50-minute massage. There’s definitely something to be said for total relaxation to de-stress, recharge and kick start your creativity. How about a Spa Week Gift Card deal that keeps on giving?

Spa Week is offering their Spa & Wellness Gift Cards at an amazing discount of only $79.99 for a value of $100.00.  If that is not enough they will not only relax, refresh and revive your gift recipient – they also keep on giving throughout the year when they sign up for the MyWellness Rewards Program.

Why not gift everyone on your list what they really want – the gift of relaxation & rejuvenation which they can use to kick-off their best new year yet!

Beginning Black Friday through December 31st

You can purchase a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week for $79.99.

Whether it’s your BFF, daughter, spouse, MIL or even yourself – all deserve a gift of wellness!

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa?