Travel Tip:  The best way to see Berlin is by bike with Berlin on Bike! #BLN25YearsLater

Let’s face it – some days are gloomy, some are sunny and some are just blah. Now I am not going to tell you that I can turn a dreaded day into a double rainbow day, but I do know what makes me feel a little brighter or lighter in my Okab shoes when I want to try and numb a bit of a downer day.  So today I want to share with you 5 Ways to Brighten Your Day in efforts to not change your life, but give you a wee bit of control in improving your lifestyle!

1.  Smile

The first way comes to us via Huffington Post writer Charlie Houpert and his post “5 Scientific Ways to Instantly Brighten Your Day”! Thanks Charlie for our first way to brighten your day – and it is easy and economical too! “Want to cut back on stress and feel better almost immediately? Smiling is the easiest way. Repeated studies have shown that even a forced smile will lower your heart rate, decrease stress, and increase feelings of happiness.

Combine this with the fact that smiles are literally contagious — people you smile at are much more likely to smile back at you — and you’ve got a positive feedback loop that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

2. Somee Cards

You know all of those funny saying cards you see on your friend’s Facebook page? Well they are from

I love reading these cards that my friends place on their Facebook pages.  So I ventured over to the website and found that you can also see them there.  These cards seem to be funny to me whether I agree with the viewpoint or not.  Also it sometimes gives me great insights into a friend’s mind telling me a few things that I did not know before…very interesting!

3.  Wear a German Scarf (in Germany if possible)

This is the best and quickest way I have found to brighten your day ALL Day!  Wear a lovely colorful scarf!  I promise it works!

The scarves that I turn to to brighten my day are usually from the fashionable FRAAS Collection made in Germany. On my most recent trip to Germany, I started the week with friends in Berlin to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall #BLN25YearsLater and completed the week with my mother in Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden. A scarf was my friend that week along with my Costa sunglasses for all my activities from shopping to cycling! There are many places to find FRAAS scarves in Germany including Berlin and Baden-Baden.

Travel Tip:  The best way to see Berlin is by bike with Berlin on Bike! #BLN25YearsLater

The perfect accessory for these days was a light scarf, just like those that FRASS has in their new collection. When the mornings are crisp and the afternoon sunny, a scarf is the perfect item for all temperatures.  That dash to catch the train or a lovely walk down to the spa will require a bit of light cover and this is the perfect option. Other than helping you brave the weather, the bright color is a sure pick-me-up! Which leads me to…

4.  Lipstick

Stephanie Green Bass has a thing or two to say about a bit of colorful lipstick.  Her line of beauty products Pla Beauty. Listen here to what she has to say about how to deal with one’s day and uplift it a bit:

“My story begins with a passion for makeup and a desire to make a difference in a child’s life. Like so many women, I’ve always loved to (Plā) with makeup; I call it ‘my time.’ For me, putting on a little lip gloss and mascara is like going to my happy place; it gives me confidence, it centers me, and it always helps me face the day with a smile.

In June of 2004, after the loss of my first daughter, Bella, smiling was pretty hard to do. My family and I had 18 beautiful days with Bella before an unexpected infection took hold. I begged Bella to stay with us and I promised her we would make a difference together, but her body had already made other plans. During our stay at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, I relied not only on the strength of my family but also on the amazing and giving staff that offered words of encouragement and hope at a time when I felt like I couldn’t go on.

In September of 2005, I was blessed with Ava, my precious little 3 ½ lb. baby girl. She always inspired me to live in the moment, and her sweet, fun, loving spirit is a constant reminder to make the most of every day. Through Ava, I have learned to embrace the beauty that has been placed in front of me and I am so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way.

Riding on the inspiration from my daughters and building on the experience I’ve gained in the fashion and beauty industry, I created (Plā) Beauty as a high-fashion, customizable cosmetic line with makeup that makes more than just an impression. As a way to give back and to show my ever-lasting gratitude, a portion of all proceeds are donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.”

If you want to purchase your own Pla Beauty products please use the code SpaTravel for a complimentary lip gloss with every purchase!