intro-buildingsAfter returning from Europe and taking advantage of all of the modes of transportation there, it started me wondering about how I might expand they way I travel from now on. As I started researching travel modes I discovered an amazing game from DFDS Seaways to help you attain smart travel.  At DFDS Seaways they believe that their ferries offer an unrivaled travel experiences that should get your holiday off to the perfect start. But don’t just take their word for it – play the Smart Way to Travel game to discover some of the many benefits of traveling with us.

First select the group you travel most with – family, couple, solo or groups. Then off you go on your trip on both on land, sea and rail. I selected family and started the game.

While you are traveling you will see values of how much fun each trip is causing the participants.  Say you might wonder who was more relaxed as if heading off for some spa travel. Check the ratings at the bottom of the game and you will see that it usually is not the participants in the airplane.  My guess is that most airline seats do not exactly have relaxation in mind when designed.

Then you will get fun games popping up concerning luggage and packing. A few packing tips and exercises never hurt any traveler. I bet you never came home from a trip and thought I packed perfectly! The perfect packing tip is to travel with DFDS Seaways. When you take a ferry with DFDS Seaways, you can bring a far larger amount of luggage with you at no extra cost. Plus you can keep it all safely in your car rather than dragging it around. We can also accommodate most family pets, so your kids don’t have to say goodbye to their beloved pet, and you can save on boarding costs.  As more and more hotels are becoming pet friendly, one must travel with their pet (an important family member) as often as they can.  The entire family will enjoy the adventure.

As I played on, I noticed the entertainment factor rising up much higher on the boat than other modes of transportation. I know that when I was on the Irish Sea, we watch movies, played games and shopped. Not much of that goes on when traveling by air or track.

No matter what combination I played the game, DFDS SEAWAYS always comes out on top. Travel the smart way and book your next family holiday today.