astreet-styleWell I will have to admit I am wishing that I was in London right now! London Fashion Week is amazing. When I was there a few years ago, I was blown away at the fashion there. They truly look at fashion even on the couture level in a more functional fashion way. I guess those crazy hats some of the ladies wear at least have a little function!

One of my favorite memories was when I was heading out (sometimes late at night but only 6pm in the US) to the local Tesco. I fell in love with this store and found that it reinvents itself in every neighborhood to meet the needs. All Londoners hold a soft spot in their heart for this one stop meets all store.

Well back to the the story – almost every time I would head out for a snack I would see a Vespa fly by with a model riding it. She would have on some of the only color that I would ever see there on the streets. I can still see her scarf blowing in the wind in my mind.  One could even make out her luxury accessories at that distance. One thing though does have me perplexed about London. The London Fashion Week shows are full of color, but the streets are bare. My hot pink color of choice always stands out like a sore thumb.

Please if you are from London can you explain this to me? Please!