Olympics Spice Girls

So the Olympics may be over, but tonight I am still dreaming of my time in London. Many of you have your favorite streets to shop on there or places to dine, but do you have a favorite English Treat when you travel there? When traveling it is so hard sometimes to adjust our inner clock. Mine got so messed up when I was there that I did not know night from day! I would just nod off at any ol’ time as if I had some type of sleeping illness or a few too many trips to the pub for that free internet.

My travel tip for in aiding in adjusting my jetsetter jetlag was to take a jaunt down to the local Tesco. Yes The Ritz London is good for most everything but sometimes those late night munchies just desire a little more say junkiness. Here is my TOP 10 list of things to buy late night at Tesco next time you are in London or near any Tesco! We can only hope they venture to the US soon along with Mark & Spencer or most anything on Kings Road including Molton Brown and the Organic Pharmacy along with Neal’s Yard Pharmacy!



Here goes…

1. Walker’s Prawn Cocktail Potato Crisps (Chips for us Americans) Walker Prawn Cocktail

(photo included in case you did not believe me & yes I love them)

2. Ritter Sport Chocolate Biscuit of most any kind

3. Sparkling Local Water  (so many to pick from)

4. Diet Coke (gotta have it)

5. Prosecco Sparkling Wine

6. Pre-packages egg salad watercress sandwich (trust me) (only in Tesco)

7.  English Gossip Magazine (a bunch)(you gotta read more than the chip bag)

8.  Cadbury Chocolate (well you are in the UK)

9.  Tea Biscuits (those just sweet enough cookies)

10. McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Promise yourself you will return to London and Tesco one day and get a good night’s sleep!