London Eye VIEW

The last time I was in The British Isles, I stayed in a wide array of accommodations. I actually stayed in over a dozen hotels in 19 days as I circled my way around the isles – from London, the Ring of Kerry, Edinburgh’s famous castle, the Beatles hometown and then back toward Harrods!

One of my favorite hotels within the London area was a London Holiday Inn. The english Holiday Inns are just so much more aristocratic than the ones in the US.

So, with a another hop across the pond coming up for me I am thinking about just enjoying the entire London region and sticking to this region only for this trip. There is just so much there to see.

The London Eye is a must each time I visit! I don’t know quit yet how the new Atlanta Skyview will compare, but each ride on The London Eye is  breathtaking. One does not even think about how high up they are due to the overwhelming view.

Last trip as I wondered down Victoria Street, the essence of chocolate took my nose by surprise. When I saw a store called Hotel Chocolat it did not matter that I had already told myself that I could not shop any longer due to the fact that my arms were full of shopping bags and I was exhausted – BUT I convinced myself that I would just go in and order one little piece to eat while I was there (no more bags to carry). Also it would give me the energy either to walk back or call one of those amazing english cabs. Let’s just say it ended up being more than one piece.  I think I even found a seat and just sat there for a while inhaling the air thick with chocolate essence!

So now I find out that Hotel Chocolat has teamed up with the London Eye ride to make you forget any fear of heights. They now have the Hotel Chocolat Capsul at the London Eye. Who could be thinking of a fear of heights when you have your own private capsule?  Take your love of chocolate to new heights and enter your capsule with priority boarding. One can enjoy a chocolate and truffle tasting along with chilled glasses of Prosecco. This is also taking luxury to new heights! This is one luxury travel experience, I must do next time! Any other chocolate lovers out there?

The key to my next stay in the London area will be to find convenient hotels close to airports with parking. Here is a good choice for hotel and parking if you are flying into the Gatwick airport. Be sure when you are checking flights that you put in all London area airports for your search. With Virgin Airlines code sharing with Delta, I have found that the flights are not priced any higher for Gatwick than Heathrow. Just be sure to do your homework before booking and you are off!

Anyone craving a little chocolate now?