motorbikeThink traveling on a motorcycling is a man’s game? Think again! You don’t need a ZZ Top-esque beard or a smoking leather jacket to hop on a Harley or cruise on a Kawasaki around the world – so don’t let The Man tell you what you can and can’t do. Traveling on a motorbike is a truly fulfilling experience for both men and women.

If you own or are renting a bike then travelling across the hills of Italy, hurtling down Route 66 or navigating the narrow roads of Argentina are but a short (well, not that short) ride away. First, there are a few general rules of thumb that need your attention before heading out on the open road…


It is common sense but if you are heading abroad, then do not forget your passport. If you don’t have one then you won’t be able to see the world! Simple as that. If you have an EU passport, then you’ll be able to drive freely through the EU. For other countries, it is well worth researching which travel documents are required based on your specified destination.

Naturally, you’re going to want comprehensive bike and travel insurance before even thinking about placing your posterior on your bike’s saddle (try Columbus Direct). Ensure that collision, theft, damage, medical and other policies are covered by your insurance and, in addition, it is well worth reading through the small print to see what you are (and aren’t) covered when taking out a policy. Riding a motorbike across unfamiliar territory is no joke so comprehensive insurance is paramount.

Other accessories

If you’ve already decided which countries you’re going to drive through then take a map or a GPS. With a map, you get the pleasure of planning a route yourself so no robotic voice is telling you where to go! On the other hand, a GPS can be useful when you’re lost and can advise on the shortest route to your destination. Take one or both, but never neither. The choice is up to you.

If you’re biking solo or even if your biking with a friend, it is important to stay safe not just on the road but off it, too. A female biker traveling alone may seem like an easy target for comment or other undesirables, so biking down well-lit roads and avoiding dark areas is a must. If you’re worried about wandering around unfamiliar towns and cities when stopping for a rest, then carry a security alarm (or even a whistle is appropriate) or wear a wedding ring (even if you’re not married) in order to avoid unwanted attention.