Hyatt has teamed up with world-renowned spa visionary June Jacobs to provide beauty travel tips for travelers. Her products are both a part of Hyatt’s new upgraded, high-quality bath amenity offerings across its portfolio of brands.

Top 10 Skin Care Travel Tips by June Jacobs


1. In order to keep your skin nourished from the inside out, exercise when you have the opportunity. This will prevent your circulation from slowing down.

2. While traveling, apply products that prevent moisture loss is a wonderful travel tip, especially if you are exposed to air conditioning. For instance, if you have an overnight flight, apply a hydrating masque like the June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque, which can be left on your skin overnight.

3. Sunscreen is very important especially while traveling in a car. Apply sunscreen generously not only to your face but your neck, chest and hands.

4. Stick to your basic skincare routine while on the road. Your skin craves its comfort zone. Less is more when it comes to these type of travel tips.

5. Eat plenty of fresh fruits instead of any preservative-based snacks.

6. Fight the urge to pick or squeeze! Your skin’s ability to heal slows down when traveling, as your skin is focused on adjusting to a new environment.

7. Detox your skin and flush out the toxins by drinking plenty of water throughout your trip.

8. Because water retention tends to occur during traveling, your eyes may become puffy. Use an eye gel instead of a cream along with some eye drops to keep your eyes moisturized.

9. Soak in a hot bath during the evening time if possible. Not only will the heat relax your tired muscles, the steam will open the pores to allow better penetration of your night cream.

10. Don’t forget your beauty sleep! Sufficient sleep is essential to healing your skin.

Hope you enjoyed these travel tips!