3102969Do you want a redo of the holidays? I know I do, but was not sure how to accomplish that until I made a little discovery in Finland, while looking for spas in the area. You can visit Santa any time of the year there and get a redo of the holidays! There is even a spa resort there. So white wash your last holiday and start all over again at this resort. You never know what they will think of next!  Check it out below.

The winter season, particularly when entertaining a young family, can be stressful and anything but restful for mom. So why not consider getting away from it all and actually enjoying the holidays by hitting one of the most northern, family-friendly spas in Europe?

Holiday Club Saariselkä is one such spa resort, constructed as a holiday home resort with all services and accommodation a short walk away. Surrounded by the magnificent fells of Lapland, not only does the local geography provide a fantastic playground for kids of all ages but there is even the opportunity to visit Santa Claus himself at a nearby resort, only a short bus or car journey away; the perfect treat for the younger kids.

Igloo_Fantasia_1Also nearby are the villages which act as great jump off points for various excursions, such as Nellim for Lake Inarijärvi, Nuorgam for fishing or the Lemmenjoki river which flows through Finland’s largest National Park. There are husky and reindeer safaris as well as plenty of other outdoor activities, including skiing, canoeing and tobogganing, all available on a variety of terrains, with equipment rental a cost-effective way to kit the family out for each day’s experiences.

Although there are two restaurants in Saariselkä itself, there are plenty of traditional and authentic catering establishments in the nearby villages so that every meal can be a new experience.

The brisk fresh air will certainly be invigorating, but there is no need to spend every minute of the holiday outside. Indeed, with the nearby pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, relaxing after the day’s exertions with a luxurious spa pampering session will definitely prepare the mind and body for the next day’s excitement. No matter how your family chooses to spend its days, a spa resort holiday will guarantee that everyone – including mom – will enjoy the season in a beautiful wonderland.