As my calendar gets busier and busier I have been turning to my tried and true way to gain energy in my life! That is by eating Honey! So to give myself both a boost of energy and a little wiggling room on my calendar this week, we will rely on the tried and true honey!

Remembering afternoons from my childhood robbing the bees with my grandfather and eating honey is something that takes me back to my childhood. So it is lovely to find out that honey can take my skin back to a younger state too Whenever I see honey as an ingredient in a spa treatment it is so pleasing. Honey is the most natural way to moisturize your skin. It’s also great for acne flareups, since it is an anti-irritant. No wonder it has been used in beauty products for centuries!”

Those that have been with me since the beginning are very aware of how wonderful honey is for your skin and how I have repeatedly spoken of the Queen of Honey Skincare herself HollyBeth. She knows the perfect recipes to optimize honey’s aspects to help us maintain our skin. Check her own skincare products out on her website too!

Below you will find some of HollyBeth’s fav recipes for your home spa treatments along with some from Amy of Aviary Beauty!

Click Below and Enjoy!

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