When anyone hears the word “Spa”, there are usually certain definitive visions that come to mind. Some of these thoughts may include (but are not limited to): lots of pink everywhere, heady scents of incense lingering in the air, pots of ominous lotions, jams and jellies, hot wax and screaming and let’s not forget the mandatory soothing earth-mother chill-out music being piped into every room including the toilet. While some of these images may be eerily accurate, the spa of today is really changing and doing so specifically to accommodate an influx of male clientele. If you’re a bit apprehensive as a guy to go to a spa, we don’t blame you. Traditionally considered women’s territory, it is easy to fathom how out of place a man would feel once he breached that gilded threshold. However, a real man would have his thoughts and opinions evolve as the spas are willing to do so too. Men going to spas for their own treatments is now a very commonplace occurrence. No matter your orientation or gender, a spa day or weekend would do you well. For guys, if they can tuck their cowardice away for just a few hours, they too will realize how enjoyable it is to go to a spa and indulge in some gentle albeit masculine treatments. There are certain things you can request and come to expect, and all of them will be enjoyable. Have a look at our list and see where you fit in!

A real massage – complete with a metaphysical happy ending!

While some men (and we’re not judging anyone!) prefer going to dimly lit parlors to get their massage on, maybe it’s time to up the ante and tackle your massage treatments with a more professional approach. These days spas aren’t just staffed with pretty, perfumed girls – now spa technicians are accredited and formally experienced to give you thorough, professional massages. While the extent of your self-care regimen may consist of Prostate Revive and the occasional shave, having a professional massage is luxury you can afford and that is beneficial to you. With facilities that are catered to male clientele, men can now relax, unwind and enjoy real massages that help them unwind far better than any can of beer could ever hope to!

Pedicures for those big ole’ feet of yours!

Men, we get it. When you’re not barefooted, your feet are in swanky dress shoes. But hey, at some point, those socks are going to come off and bet your bottom dollar; we women are going to have a look at your toes and heels. Too much pressure? Well forget what we think; get yourself a pedicure for yourself! Soothing foot baths, deep exfoliation, clip, clean and buff to perfect shine ( top coat, optional) and feel all the tension you’ve been carrying around just weightlessly begin to evaporate! Have those ingrown sorted too, take off a few layers of dead dermis from your heels and get those ashy kneed receptive to some deep moisturization!