A pal of mine needed a loan for her new car.  After getting one of my own finance free, it was hard for me to discuss this with her. I was not sure how to handle it, but wanted to ask your advice.  How do I ask a pal to go to the spa with me if she needs a car to get to work and tote her kids around even more than relaxation. Well this point could be argued you see….. especially if you know the way stress can ruin your health.

She decided to go to a place offering unsecured personal loans to her at what she thought was a great deal. How can I help her out? Any ideas?  You see she does have some health problems and lots of stress in her life, so I really want to to not stress over this situation.


Take a look at some of the benefits of spa treatments below and see what you think about my gal pal, your own girlfriends and see where you rank a girl’s getaway on your list of needs after reading these points.

Did you know that spas offer many types of treatments that have a multitude of health benefits that can help us lead a wellness lifestyle long after we leave the spa? Massages help relieve stress, but also detoxify our lymphatic system. Our circulation is also improved by a massage, which aids in pain management for many wellness needs including headaches, muscle spasms and arthritis. When aromatherapy is included, scents like lavender and rosemary enhance all the benefits and rejuvenate us. You will leave the spa feeling Refreshed, Relaxed and Renewed! So load up and buy yourself and others a Wellness Lifestyle!