Have you ever desired a good cup of coffee?  How about a divine one each and every morning. Now upgrade that to an espresso and I can tell you of a dream place to sip out of your china coffee cup every morning! Wouldn’t it be a dream to do this in Paris each morning? Apartment rentals in Paris and renting timeshares from a Resort Management Association are becoming very popular lately by Americans from the United States. Recently it became a hot topic on a tv show about how college graduates were forgoing the start of their careers to take the opportunities to sip coffee and nibble on a croissant each and every morning without having to wonder when the tour guide was going to tell them it was time to get on the bus for their next destination.  Also short term apartment rentals in Paris are much more economical than renting many hotel rooms for an extended amount of time.



Just think of all the shopping (or window shopping) you would have time to do if you stayed for say three months! Possibly you could even discover the french girl secret to their beautiful complexion and lovely figures. If you are an art lover, how does spending an entire week in the east wing of the Louvre sound? Lovely?!?! Yes, so but this on your Goblet List and think about how this would feel!