Refreshing yourself with a little relaxation during luxury resort travel and getting a little R & R is important. Also just as valuable is keeping oneself grounded or staying connected with our earth. Yes my dear, sometimes a few of us tend to lose ourselves when on holiday, but let’s not throw all our virtues out the window and definitely not our spa days.

Recently I was reminded of the concept of Earthing or Grounding. This refers to connecting our body to the earth. As humans have evolved and more 6 inch manolo blahniks have been designed, we do not come in contact with the earth as much as generations past. The earth is one big antioxidant and should be our BFF. Reconnecting with the earth and its substances can refresh our health, our sleep, our beauty and our lives.

In our childhood’s we were much more grounded both physically and mentally. My childhood memories involve “robbing the bees” with my grandfather. I still drool over the opportunity to devour freshly robbed honeycomb. Did you know I have discovered a way to stay grounded on even a luxury resort vacation? How about while on an Exclusive Resort trip to the West Indies?

Spas are embracing substances produced by Mother Earth. A luxury spa at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort works with local beekeepers to procure both propolis and honey. Propolis is used at the entrance of the hives as both a physical and medicinal barrier. Humans have found it can relieve anything from heart issues to burns. Also propolis has been said to be the most powerful antibiotic known to man by research. Surprising? No! Just look around us at all the glorious health and wellness items in nature that are spread before us.

So without a doubt on my next journey to the West Indies to an Exclusive Resort like the residences near the Viceroy Anguilla, I will be on the lookout for a grounded spa treatment. At the Viceroy Anguilla Spa one can relax while getting a scrub of Black Lava directly from a volcano. The nourishing minerals purify and balance the skin. Grounding is sounding better every day!

The St. Kitts Marriott Emerald Spa even donates 5% of the profit from this treatment back to the local bees. This all sounds like a charming way to stay grounded by refreshing both your mind, your body and possibly your soul!