Turtle Eating StrawberryRecently I saw this photo of the tiny little turtle attempting to eat that big lush juicy sweet strawberry and I thought the only thing going through his little mind right then was what a moment of BLISS it will be!

What is a moment of bliss? Some may like to think it is a big WOW moment when you are able to win a contest for a spa vacation or the lottery.  Bliss is something very different.

Bliss is doing what fulfills you. Just like this little turtle is doing.  At that moment he was not worried about the difficulty of the task, the hurdles or even that it looks like he might could be stepped on or at a moments notice.  Well we can be a slight bit more cautious than our little turtle here and not throw all caution to the wind, but let’s not worry so much.  Really now, what could be more enjoyable than doing what you love?

I will throw in a slight disclaimer now.  Let’s not be irresponsible. You yourself would not feel blissful if you did that.  Just remember that a moment of bliss is normal.  Okay where can we find bliss?

Bliss moments are not extreme.  They come from pure joy.  Really not a certain activity, but just a small moment when you feel like the world is alright at least for the moment.  In these days of most of us wishing that the world would just stop for a while and everyone would hold still while they try to catch up, we must not think that bliss only comes when all our work is done.  The laundry can still be dirty and pilled up.  The floor can resemble the outdoors and yes things can be not quite right in your life.

Bliss moments usually come when you don’t expect them.  Like a ride into work where you notice the way the sun shines through the leaves and reflects on a pond.  The sparkle just makes your mind stop in awe of its beauty.  Take a moment today to unwind, Refresh Yourself and allow a moment of bliss to enter your day if it likes…where have you found a moment of bliss?

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