Didn’t Know I Needed It! Now Can’t Live Without!
Well first I have to say that this beauty company has a website to die for! It is so amazing and will keep you excited to experience what it may reveal to you while you are discovering new beauty products. Take a look and see if you can’t guess another reason I adore it so….
First off I want to let you know that there is at least one more item you need to pick up during this holiday season.  You could dart off to Nordstrom, Sephora or Dillard’s to pick it up or you can just go here to the Anastasia website to see jaw dropping deals they have just for you!

This product reminds me of hearing the great Innovation Speaker Michael Schrage. His thought is that a product is not truly innovative if a consumer already knew that they needed it.  This fits his definition of an innovative product perfectly.  I could have never dreamed it up or told a focus group that it was something I needed or desired, but now I find that I cannot live without it.!

Are there any beauty products that you feel that you could not live without?  An online cosmetologyschool should also be able to teach you the basic beauty must have every woman should know.

1.      All EYE Want Palette Illumin8 Eye Shadow Set – On sale for $32 from $90

2.      Bright EYES, Big City Brow & Eye Collection – On sale for $39 from $124

3.      Kisses On My List HydraFull Gloss Set – On Sale for $30 from $126 

Remember that All EYE Want and Kisses On My list are available at Sephora and Anastasia.net.
Bright EYES, Big City is available at Nordstrom and Dillard’s.

Just take a look at all you get in these beauty kits! You could not hardly pick up one of those kiddie little princess makeup kits for this price!

BUT you may ask, which one did I not know that I needed and now can’t live without? Well, the one I predict when it arrives will be BRIGHT EYES, Big City Brow and Eye Collection.

RIGHT NOW – I Just Cannot Live Without….drumroll please…..

The Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes is an all-in-one kit with instructions straight from Anatasia! I can’t imagine anything better for your brows except an appointment with the Brow Queen herself.  The kit contains all you need for the most amazing brow experience and look in town.

 Take a peak at this amazing innovative way to get the perfect brows here!