Time for a New Skin Care Routine?

One of the top questions from both men and women that I hear almost daily is “What skin care routine should I use?“.  This also comes in the form of “How do I know when it is time to change skin care products?”.  That second question is the easiest to answer – the answer is when what you are using is not working for you.  We all know that something we have used for years can suddenly stop working as well as it used to for our skin.  Our skin is a living organ and changes from things that are both happening in our lives physically and more.  As we age the skin’s needs also change.  As the weather changes our skin feels the changes almost immediately.  Our surroundings also effect our skin.  At this time winter is almost upon us and for some it is already here for them at least the snow.  This weather brings the dry heat that dries out the most outer layer of your skin, which is why most notice this almost immediately.

Okay first ask yourself a few questions:
1.  Does your skin feel tight?
2.  Does your skin feel dry?
3.  Does your skin feel oily?
4.  Have you just had a bought of breakouts?
5.  Is your skin tender?
6.  Does your skin flake?
If you answer yes to any of these, it is probably time to try something new.  Remember you can always at any time visit a dermatologist; sometimes I think mine is one of my BFF’s!  For most of us this cool weather change brings dry skin and we will need more moisturizers and possibly a richer night time moisturizing cream.  Even if you are oily, it may mean you need more moisture.  The excess oil production is caused by your skins dire need for it’s own moisture!
Recently,  I have been able to try so many new skincare products without any commitment at all.  I just discovered Bloom.com, a new website that gives the best deals around plus so many samples (read this as DELUXE SAMPLES and FULL SIZE PRODUCTS) that you always have a new product around to   try in your bathroom just calling your name.  Some of my now favorites were discovered because of these samples! 
Also there is one new product that I really want to share with you. HydroPeptide is scientific beauty made simple.  They don’t just tell you their products work on their website; they also show you why and the science behind it.  But don’t worry!  Their website is so enticing and well laid out, you will find yourself there for quite some time learning and finding out new information about your skin and the products it needs.  They are very honest in the presentation of the facts.  Well I know you have heard about the wonderful uses of stem cells.  They have a new serum HydroStem-6 that I tried that uses plant stem cells from 6 plants.  Let me just tell you that this is the most powerful ingredients that I have held in my own hand.  I always read about these things, but you never really find them outside of a lab.  This powerful age-defying treatment unites peptides that restore all aspects of your skin’s structural integrity with regenerative stem cells.  Botanical stem cells trigger the body’s own stem cell activity and revives the production of fresh skin cells that will erase years from your appearance.  It also helps to extend the life of your own stem cells and aids in collagen loss.
Take a look at all the awards HydroPeptide has won from  Vanity Fair and Prevention Magazines.  
Also my own here is a little secret of my own!  My personal go-to aestheticians also recommend HydroPeptide.  Take their survey here at Hill House Skin Renaissance 
Would you like to know about any more of their products or have any other questions?
Just leave a comment below and I promise to get you answers!