Need an Update to Your Routine?

We all need an update to our regular routines at times.  Take a look at what was considered a proper skin care routine in the 1940’s.  I would say that we have come a long way.  Some of of what is stated is still true, but today we have so many more options that are more specific to each skin type.  Watch the video then  take a look at some ways to update your routine with the links below!  Congrats on taking the first step to your new routine!

Take a look below for answers to some of your questions about a new skin care routine!

Time for a New Skin Care Routine

Do you know your skin type? Or just thought you did?

Hydrate – Upgrade your trip and your body to a fantastic view!

What little round thing could yield this much power?

Leave me a comment about what new skin care product or routine
YOU would like to try!

Below see where a reader ask a question.  Below is the answer!

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